Faces of Team One Cure Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions
What is The Faces of Team One Cure Mosaic?
The Faces of Team One Cure Mosaic is an online interactive photo mosaic built by donors honoring their special people and pets impacted by cancer.
What is the Tony Stewart Foundation?
The Tony Stewart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by 3-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Tony Stewart. Since 2003, the foundation has awarded $7M in funds to outstanding organizations serving children who are critically ill or physically disabled; animals at-risk or endangered; and drivers injured in the sport of motor racing.
What is Team One Cure?
Team One Cure is a program of The Tony Stewart Foundation. Team One Cure serves to help people understand that cancer occurs in pets in a similar rate to humans, and that it occurs naturally. This new partnership will help educate people about comparative oncology - how human and animal doctors are working together to beat cancer.
What is Comparative Oncology:
Comparative Oncology is the core of One Cure. One Cure is founded on the principle that "cancer is cancer" in both people and pets. One Cure is the goal of collaboration between scientists and doctors together pursing a cure for people and pets.
How will the Faces of Team One Cure donations be used?
Every $10.00 donation made to include a photo on the Faces of Team One Cure Mosaic is designated for the Team One Cure Fund. The Team One Cure Fund will be distributed in the fall 2017, by The Tony Stewart Foundation to well-qualified charitable organizations providing programs and services to children and animals battling cancer. A full report of the total funds raised through the Mosiac program and how these funds (were) distributed will be available on or before December 31, 2017 on the Tony Stewart Foundation web site.
What is the Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center?
The Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center is the primary partner of The Tony Stewart Foundation for Team One Cure. The Flint Animal Cancer Center opened in 2002 and houses the world's largest group of scientists studying and treating naturally occurring cancer in pets. The Center has trained more surgical, medical and radiation oncologists than any other veterinary institution. The Center created and trademarked the term "One Cure" to define comparative oncology.
Why dogs?
Studying companion animal cancers through clinical trials allows outcomes to be understood in two years - a fraction of the 5-15 years it normally takes to determine if a new drug or procedure is successul through human cancer trials. Because dogs age faster than people - and develop the same cancers as people - treatment outcomes may be observed in much less time.
What about cats?
Cats have unique and sometimes unpredictable challenges with cancer chemotherapy due to species-specific metabolic processes. Research is underway to identify optimum use of anti-cancer compounds to guide cancer therapy in cats.
How established is Comparative Oncology in treating cancer?
The Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium (COTC) is an active network of twenty academic comparative oncology centers, centrally managed by the NIH-NCI-Center for Cancer Research's Comparative Oncology Program, that functions to design and execute clinical trials in dogs with cancer to assess novel therapies. The goal of this effort is to answer biological questions geared to inform the development path of these agents for future use in human cancer patients. Trials conducted by the COTC are pharmacokinetically and pharmacodynamically rich with the product of this work directly integrated into the design of current human Phase I and II clinical trials. Our trials are carried at COTC member institutions, which currently include 22 sites. LINK: https://ccrod.cancer.gov/confluence/display/CCRCOPWeb/Comparative+Oncology+Trials+Consortium
What are other programs of Team One Cure?
Team One Cure is a multi-faceted program of which the Faces of Team One Cure is one very important component. Visit TeamOneCure.org to learn about all the programs that include (1) Team One Cure No. 77 entry in the May 28, 2017 Indianapolis 500 race; (2) Team One Cure No. 10 entry in a NASCAR summer race TBA; (3) a single day, 48-location Karting Competition TBA late summer 2017; and (4) a Girlfriends' Weekend in Tony's home state (Indiana) on Sept 22-24.